FMP 3: The Puppets

IMG_0760There was a definite learning curve when constructing the puppets; they were by far the most complex that I had ever made but after only a few unsuccessful attempts, I came to a conclusion that I was happy with and was able to repeat.

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What became an issue was when it came to animating the puppets. I was happy with the character design and overall I thought the puppets turned out fairly well but, unfortunately, they are far from functional. The puppets just don’t have the anatomy for what I wanted them to do – I was over-ambitious with my storyboard as it was and when it came to actually recreating those scenes, I realised I had set myself up for a difficult project; one that would require constant compromise.

I have now learnt, however, to consider the form and function of the design and to not base it purely on aesthetics. I am certain that this lesson will serve me well in my future as an animator.


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