FMP 3: Planning Process

My third ‘Final Major Project’ was a continuation of my ‘Self Initiated Project‘. As a result of this, a lot of the early production and manufacturing was already taken care of but there was still much to be done. To start, I touched up my storyboards and used them to create an animatic.

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The animatics that I created for my previous two FMPs proved invaluable and, especially on a project this ambitious, I knew would be essential. I’d obviously considered the timing and structure of the video carefully when creating the storyboard but it’s not until the animatic stage that one really gets a sense of how the finished project will flow.

I’m happy with my animatic, there are a few moments in it where scenes look static or hold a little too long but I know from experience that they will be fleshed out in the animation stage. Not only does the animatic give a representation of what the finished product will look like, it also helps me when animating; I’m able to work out the length of shots and it’s a very useful tool during the editing process where I can use it as a direct reference.


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