FMP 1: Subconscious Inspiration?

As I was working on my storyboards, I noticed a trend emerging. Early in the process I drew this shot: 6

After I’d drawn a few more pages it began to feel out of place. Upon inspection, I realised it was because every other shot was symmetrical and “planimetric”. After I noticed this, I had two options – create more diverse shots or continue in the same vein. I chose the latter as it’s an aesthetic I really like and I felt it gave my animation a strong visual identity.

Whilst I didn’t go into the project with this intention, in hind-sight it seems clear that I’m influenced by director, Wes Anderson. Anderson is a huge inspiration of mine and whilst I try not to pastiche his work, elements of his aesthetic often influence the way I visualise things. However, whilst the cinematography may be Anderson inspired, I don’t believe the rest of the animation is; the supplied audio, for example, is not something one would find in an Anderson project. The colour palette as well, in which I was referencing the colours of E4, are not typical of the auteur (who regularly has a very controlled, warm palette).

Above are some examples of Anderson’s cinematography, displaying his use of symmetry and the precision of each of his shots. The latter two images display a technique that I employed a lot in my own animation; the top-down or “god’s eye view” shot


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