FMP 1: Final Piece

My final piece:

This is the end result of my project and the animation that I would submit if the competition was still live. Overall I’m very happy with it; once again, the pre-production was invaluable and led to a much easier filming and editing process and the end result is as I’d envisioned.

There isn’t anything I’d particularly change about this project if I were to do it again but it didn’t go quite as proficiently as I had hoped. For some reason there was a stretch in the middle where I wasn’t being very productive, whilst it may have been partly down to the Easter holidays, I believe the majority of the blame falls down to the fact that I was a little stuck with where to go. As the brief was so open, I struggled a little with what direction to go and as I didn’t have that initial spark of inspiration (like I did with my FMP 2) I was left wondering. It was after I began working on the storyboards that the project picked up speed again and this is a tactic that I will certainly use in the future; getting tangible material in front of me really helped me visualise what I wanted to achieve and I was able to work from there.

Everyone who has seen the final animation has been favourable of it which gives me hopes for the chances it would have if it was submitted to the competition. I believe, if it is still applicable, that I will submit it in the next annual competition and it will be interesting to see how well I do.


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