FMP 1: Filming Process

Due to my pre-production work, particularly the animatic, the filming of the animation went relatively smoothly. In the below images, you can see how I set up some of those shots, using rigs to properly position each element. Also seen is how I lit each scene as well as, in the last image, how I set up my camera for the top-down shots.

The only issue that I did have was when I had to do a couple of re-shoots. The following videos are very quick and not particularly well presented but there intent is just to show you the original clip and the updated version. The first video features the different takes I took of the sushi rolling shot. The first clip is the initial clip which I noticed I lit badly and then redid. I was happy with the second clip but when I was editing my final animation together, I realised that it stood out from the other clips as too dark. I attempted to remedy this using some effects and playing with the brightness/contrast but it still didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the animation. As a  result, I reshot the clip entirely and the third clip in the below video is my final result what ended up in the final piece.

The other shot that took a little more work was the opening, fish tank shot as it required some post-production. The first clip in the below image shows a test that I did to create a water effect inside the fish tank but it wasn’t very effective and by the time it came to animate the scene for real, I decided it wasn’t necessary. The second clip features the fully animated scene pre post-production and the last clip is the same but after I digitally erased the rigs so that it would give the impression that the fish was floating.

I usually like to keep all special effects “in camera” but in this case, digital touch ups were unavoidable and I am happy with the result. I’m also glad that I took the time to redo the shots that weren’t working, it was a little frustrating and time consuming but I believe the final piece is much stronger for it.


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