FMP 1: Building Process

I ended up sticking closely to the designs I created whilst drawing my storyboards, some were adapted slightly but I find that always happens when translating a sketch into a 3D model – I consider the sculpting process to be the final pass of the design where kinks are worked out and the design is finalised. To simplify the modelling stage, and also to speed up production, I only built the aspects of the model that would be in shot, this conservative approach to the puppets also made filming easier as the models had more manoeuvrability and, as I was very precise with my cinematography, I was fairly easy to crop my shots so that only what I wanted seen was on camera.

These are some images of the props and puppets I created for my animation, the image of the left hand is an example of how I only sculpted what was necessary and then, in the adjacent image, how I was able to incorporate it into a larger puppet when the cinematography called for it. The majority of props were made with plasticine but I also used a lot of card (particularly for the knives) as well as wood for the serving board and the chef’s clothes are white cloth that I tailored to the puppet.


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