FMP 1: Storyboards and Animatics

Despite knowing what I wanted to include in my animation, I didn’t have a set narrative. To work around this, I drew non-sequential storyboards, featuring shots that I would potentially include in my E sting, with the intention of editing them together in a sequence that I was happy with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just by laying out my storyboards I was able to make connections and see narratives forming but to get a stronger idea I decided to make animatics – this also gave me a better idea of how the images would work with the music and the timing of the piece. I had previously worked out which soundbed I felt the most connection to (a track named “Dirty Fast Bass”) so I used that audio to cut my images to. I later experimented with another track (“EDM”) but returned to my original as I believed I was getting better results with it.

As you can see in the above video, it was versions 5 and 6 that I changed the audio for but found the beat too regular which resulted in a regimented, boring video. I made the first seven in one sitting and after reviewing them, I decided that version 1 was my favourite but I wasn’t happy with how repetitive it was. Versions 8 and 9 were my attempts to refine the animatic and in the end, it was version 8 that I decided should be my animation.


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