FMP 1: Choosing a Direction

I’ve realised that my project has somewhat stagnated, I’m not really sure what direction to go next and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious path to follow. To counteract this, I’ve decided to just pick a direction and go with it; it will give me more focus and I’ll feel better knowing that I’m moving forward.

Looking over the work I’ve done so far, nothing is particularly calling to me but I feel the strongest connection to the sushi theme. I’m not a particularly big fan of sushi but there’s certainly something aesthetically pleasing and I feel like it lends itself more to a narrative than any of the other things I’ve looked at so far. Now that I’ve picked an area of focus, I can research it to develop a concept for my E sting. Just off the top of my head, it is a rich area for research where I can look at the presentation and preparation of the dish, what ingredients would be needed to make the E4 logo, the history of the dish, etc. I’m happy that I’ve committed to an idea and I hope that it will lead to a more productive project.


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