FMP 1: Kaleidoscope

When looking for inspiration and reference images, another idea that crossed my mind was the idea of a kaleidoscope. Branded kaleidoscopes, like the ones found in tourist destination gift shops, often have a logo or image printed on the glass window of the kaleidoscope that interacts with the mirrors and creates interesting patterns. I felt like that idea ties in with the theme of having the E4 logo run through an object and it may even be more visually interesting as it creates its own imagery. To test this, I built a very crude kaleidoscope.

Even considering the crudeness of its construction, the end result wasn’t very successful, the mirrored surfaced on the inside weren’t reflective enough so it didn’t lead to any particularly exciting patterns. The gist of the idea is still evident but I would need to obtain more specialised materials if I were to take this idea further.

Having said that, I don’t believe I will be taking this idea further; it was an interesting experiment but I don’t feel it lends itself to a narrative – once again, it falls into the “imagery timed to music” category whereas I would like to tell a story in my E sting. However, I was pleased to see how clear I was able to translate the effect on camera so I do believe I will be returning to the idea of using kaleidoscopes, it’s just not right for this project.


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