FMP 1: The E4 logo

I wanted to start making things so I started with something very simple – responding to the pictures I drew inspired by my reference imagery.


At this point, the actual object I made is pretty irrelevant as it was just experimentation but it did bring up a potential issue: how far can I abstract the E4 logo and still have it be considered eligible for submission to the competition? I scoured the E stings webpage and it’s associated links but, unfortunately, was unable to find any E-mail address or help page where I would be able to get an answer. Instead, I turned to previous submissions for reference.

The majority (and a large one at that) of submission did incorporate the entire logo, mostly, I believe, because the submissions are CGI and they use the supplied logo file.


However, there were a couple that I was able to find that weren’t quite so faithful.

These are all screenshots from finalist submissions to the E sting competition so clearly the liberties that they took weren’t an issue, then again, the altered logos aren’t particularly exaggerated and are still very recognisable.

The competition was very clear that all submissions to the competition needed to include the E4 logo so to ensure that my entry is eligible, I believe it wise to make sure that the E4 logo I include in my submission is as accurate as possible. That being said, it has been made clear to me from studying previous entries that there is some freedom in it’s representation so, if I feel there is need for it, I can interpret the logo slightly differently but I certainly don’t plan on doing so.


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