FMP 1: Anamorphosis

I thought of another example of how the logo could be revealed: rather than running through an object or only being visible once an object has been broken open, what if the logo is always there but only from certain perspectives? This got me thinking about anamorphosis; a distorted image or object that requires the viewer to implement a specific device or occupy a certain space to reconstitute the image. I immediately thought of the painting, ‘The Ambassadors’ (1533) by Hans Holbein the Younger.


The painting features an anamorphic memento mori – a skull that can only be viewed clearly from a specific angle. The idea of anamorphic art also brought me to the work of Georges Rousse. Rousse is an artist and photographer who uses anamorphosis to transform sites into pictorial spaces that are best viewed through his photographs. It’s an impressive control over perspective an interesting look at how much a photograph will flatten an image.

Above is an example of Rousse’s work and with it is an image demonstrating its changing state when viewed from different angles. I like the work a lot and but it reminds me of the Channel 4 idents (previous to 4creative’s recent channel redesign). There’s a physical representation of those idents standing outside of the Channel 4 building which I went to photograph.

Whilst I enjoy the precision and aesthetics of anamorphosis, I don’t believe it’s a style of work that I will be following for this project. Not only does it feel a little derivative of previous Channel 4 iconography, I also don’t see how I can build a narrative out of it; I want the logo to be revealed in context and I feel that anamorphosis alone isn’t context enough.


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