FMP 2: On Reflection

Overall, I am happy with how this project went; I completed what I set out to achieve and it was encouraging for myself to see how much I could accomplish in a month when I am dedicated. I have struggled in the past to complete projects and have often handed in incomplete animations as final pieces, admittedly they are generally more ambitious than this but to have created an 11 second animation which has a narrative and is informed is still a success.

Looking at my completed animation there are things which I would change (I think it would be impossible for it to be any other way) but in particular I’m not fond of the delivery of “sausage”. I think the timing may have got away from me in that shot and wasn’t as fast paced as I’d envisioned – I would have liked the hand movements to accentuate the word more. If this was a more professional animation with a longer turnaround I would have revisited that shot but I do feel it was strong enough for entry into the competition and I stand proudly behind my submission.


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