FMP 1: Reference Images

Using the idea of the revealed logo as a jumping off point I collected some reference images of everything that I felt adhered to the category – they all have a similar trait in that they are (for the most part) the cross section of an object.

With these examples, the E4 logo could be squeezed out of the container. I’m not sure how one would get a consistent shape with the play dough machine so that would take some experimentation if I decided to go that route but there are plenty of brands of toothpaste that have some form of a pattern running through them so it wouldn’t be a foreign concept to audiences.

These examples have imagery running through the entirety of their centres and no matter where the object is cut it will reveal the same pattern (admittedly some are more complex than others).

These final examples represent objects that need to be cut in half to reveal their core and it’s never a regular pattern. The red cabbage and the geode are already the right colour for the E4 logo and with the cabbage in particular, it is easy to see  how the image could be manipulated to feature the logo.

I like a lot of these examples and will use them as inspiration as I experiment with recreating them so that they feature the E4 logo. At this point I still don’t have a narrative for any of these objects but I believe that one could be born out of that experimentation.


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