FMP 1: My Favourite E Stings

I looked at E Stings (both new and retired) on the official website, as well as The Ident Gallery, and have highlighted a few of my favourites. The first entries that I focused on, obviously, were the stop motion submissions.

One of the things that I like about these entries is the way the E4 logo is implemented; it’s part of the narrative and is revealed in context. I really like the actual “reveal” of it – the logo really feels like a part of the piece, not just an afterthought that’s been added later. This is something that I definitely want to come across in my submission. One of my favourite E Stings (that I was unfortunately unable to find any evidence of) was another stop motion entry that has since been retired. It featured a magician sawing a person in half and, when the table was spun around, the E4 logo was visible in the cross-section of the halved person. I really like that idea and hope to achieve something similar.

The closest example I was able to find in the most recent batch of E Stings was this one featuring nesting dolls.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.45.11

Each layer of the doll features different visuals, some of which incorporate the E4 logo which makes the inclusion of it feel natural.

The other two entries that I liked from the most recent stock of E Stings were the following:

They don’t particularly fall in line with my earlier statement that I prefer the entries that convey a narrative, particularly the second submission featured above which is nothing but imagery timed to the soundbed and whilst the first example does have a narrative (albeit an abstract one) it’s the energy of these two pieces that I love. That being said, I still want my submission to have a narrative but if I can inject it with some of the energy that these have I believe it will add a lot to its appeal.


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