FMP 2: Storyboard and Animatic

I had the story idea set in my head but to help work out the “acting” choices of my characters and to help visualise the animation, I created a thumbnail storyboard. I kept it loose because I was working out elements as I did it but am happy with the end result; I feel that the characters emote the dialogue but their actions are still fairly subtle.


I can now use this storyboard to help me when it comes to filming my animation. It’s not as polished as storyboards I’ve created in the past but this one is just for personal reference – if I was creating a storyboard for a pitch I would elaborate on it and perhaps further breakdown elements but all of the key frames and information that I need is here. To double check the timing of the animation, I turned my storyboard into an animatic and am happy with the result.

I am now confident to start animating. Whilst I’ve left room for further editing when it comes to the final piece, I’m happy with the shot choices and timing here and will use this as my guideline.


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