FMP 2: Further Lip-Sync Inspiration

After my previous look at lip-sync, I was reminded of these two examples from “The 11 Second Club”, both are stop-motion and both have characters with long snouts or beaks. The first is “Crowbar” which incorporates two styles of lip-sync. The worm uses replacement mouth animation (which we studied when looking at other previous submissions to the competition) but this time I’m interested in the crow characters.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 17.29.42
“Crowbar” by Will Miller.

As the crow speaks, it appears the beak just opens and closes in time with the dialogue with no variation to shape (with the possible exception of an “o” sound) yet it is very effective. Perhaps the worm conveys the dialogue spoken a little more effectively but I feel that, as long as my character is in time, I can use this method effectively in my own animation. The animation placed highly in the competition as well and, whilst some of that is down to the effective narrative of the piece, the comments section praises the animation and there are no critiques of the lip-sync.

The second example I wanted to highlight is “Attitude Problem“. This animation did not place as highly in the competition (and I’m not sure why)  but the comments are just as favourable. Perhaps it is the comparative simplicity of the puppets but i still find them very effective and the animator added several small touches to the characters movements that I love.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.02.22
“Attitude Problem” by Michelle Lannen.

The animator adds some variation to the mouth movements in his submission which emphasises the mouth shapes needed to create different words. I like this effect but the animator only films his characters talking from the side which makes me wonder how effective the technique will be from other angles. In any case, seeing these animations has given me the confidence in this style of lip-sync and I will definitely experiment with it; it won’t work for all characters but I believe that for puppets with snout, it can be very effective.


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