FMP 2: Previous Submissions

Here are a few previous submissions to the competition from other animators that I wanted to highlight, works that I find simultaneously inspiring and intimidating. I’ve already evaluated many of the submissions, looking for tips and tricks to improve my work and tailor it to the competition but here I was specifically looking at technical aspects.

Lip-sync is a big focus on The 11 Second Club and I wanted some inspiration for my character design for how to do it effectively. The first two are fairly similar, at least aesthetically.

They are reminiscent to me of Aardman and it looks like all manipulation of the mouth was done directly on the model, ‘Lynn‘ in particular is exceptionally smooth and very well executed. There is a chance that ‘Who You Areee..‘ uses replacement mouth animation for the lip sync as there is an occasional, noticeable division in the face but it could just be marks left by the animator, either way it’s very successful. I think this style is really effective and, when executed to the level that it is in these two clips, it’s very impressive. I’m not sure that I’m at the level of proficiency where I would be able to achieve something this technical but, if the character design calls for it, it’s definitely something to keep in mind and I would appreciate the practice.

The other style of lip sync that I wanted to highlight can be found in the animation ‘The Ear of Deception‘.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 22.32.52
“The Ear of Deception” by Stuart Coutts

This animation clearly uses replacement mouth animation at it works very effectively with this slightly “cartoon-ier” aesthetic. Perhaps it’s the demonstration of this style’s effectiveness when paired with anthropormorphic animals but at this stage, I’m leaning towards this form of lip-sync. It’s something that I’ll definitely keep in mind when designing my character but I won’t hold myself to it, if I decide that another form of lip-sync will be more effective then I’ll go with that.



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