FMP 2: Character Design Inspiration

Even though I decided to move away from the circus/dancing bear aspect of the characters, I found this description of bears in a book about the circus which I love and I think will inform the way I design my characters:

All wild animals are unpredictable to some extent, but none so unpredictable, and thus dangerous, as the bear family. They are great characters and personalities with a well-developed sense of humour and they appear deceptively gentle. But there is always an air of uncertainty about a bear.

It’s eyes are small and shifty. It is the bear, of all the animal kingdom, which must be treated firmly. The slightest sign of withdrawal or hesitation, and it will press home its advantage, yet it will waver if firmly opposed and can even, sometimes, be made to withdraw itself.

I believe this quote encapsulates the attitude that my “voice 2” character has; he come across as a friendly uncle but when pushed about things he does not understand, such as his nephew’s vegetarianism, he becomes disgruntled by it. Whilst I don’t want the character to become enraged (the audio alone does not call for that) I like the idea that there is an unpredictable flash across his eyes, a mixture of anger and disbelief at what he is hearing.


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