FMP 2: Initial Reactions and Narrative Concept

On my first listen, and bearing in mind what I’d learnt from watching previous submissions to the competition, I noted down the following words:


As soon as I heard talk of vegetarianism my mind went to wolves as an example of the antithesis of the concept. As I listened further however, I heard what sounds like Russian folk music in the background which made me think of bears, an animal more synonymous  with the region, particularly with relation to the circus or “dancing bears”.

On my first listen, I did notice that one voice (voice 1) was younger than the other but it wasn’t until subsequent listens that I noticed the younger voice doesn’t share the Eastern European accent of voice 2. This goes against the image that came to my heard on my first listen – the image of a family of wolves (now bears) sitting around a dining table; if the younger voice has an American accent, the two voices can’t be father and son (at least according to my internal logic).

It obviously needs further development but my initial concept for my animation, after several listen-throughs of the audio clip, is: a young, American grizzly bear cub is visiting his brown bear uncle who happens to be a Russian circus bear. The scene takes place around a dining table, piled high with delicious meats when the nephew professes his vegetarianism, much to his uncle’s dismay.


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