FMP 2: Getting Started

Unfortunately, I won’t really be able to delve into the project until February 1st when the new audio clip is released. In anticipation, however, I will watch a number of previous entries to see how it will influence my own animation. I hope that viewing other peoples’ submissions (especially the successful ones) will inspire me and inform the way that I go about interpreting the audio.

I don’t want to approach the sound clip with any pre-conceived ideas so the point of viewing previous entries is not to gather ideas of what to animate, rather to see if there is an interesting way to go about translating the audio into a visual narrative.

Each of the previous submissions also has a stream of comments from other animators attached, these will inform my actual animation and the “choices” I make. By viewing the comments of both the successful animations and the less successful, I will gain insight into what the voters look out for; what they like and what they believe needs more work. I will be able to use this information to hopefully strengthen my animating skills and end up with a successful, well acted piece.


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