FMP 1: What I Hope to Achieve

With some initial research now under my belt, I have some idea of what I would like to produce as my final piece. I still don’t have a concept but that will come with further research and experimentation with the development of ideas.

By the end of the project, I hope to have created an animated E Sting. From my examination of previous entries to the competition I have noted a few elements that I would like to incorporate into my own submission. First, the use of the colour purple. It is by no means a mandatory element but the E Stings that I enjoy the most often include it. I find it adds to the legitimacy of the E Sting, making it feel a part of the brand and the identity that E4 puts out. I would also like my E Sting to tell a narrative, albeit a short one, but I prefer the previous entries that have had some sense to them, rather than a collage of noise and colour.

I would like my entry to be light-hearted to match the tone of the other submissions and, if possible, humorous.  I understand that comedic taste is subjective but I find that my own sense of humour often synchronises with that of 4creative’s efforts for E4, dry and not too forced. I believe that if I stick to this, I will not risk alienating audiences. I also found the most successful E Stings to include background content or jokes, things not noticeable on first watch but the audience is rewarded by repeat viewings as they notice more each time. I feel that this will go a long way to counteract my E Sting from becoming boring or even tedious over time.


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