FMP 1: Studying the Competition

I watched a range of E Stings as part of my research- some from previous years, some new and some submissions that never made it to television. There are a number of them on youtube but I focused my attention on the E Stings website where the 16 chosen finalists from last year’s competition are featured.

I was looking to see if there were any common elements between the finalists, anything that might inform my own submission so that I could potentially tailor my E Sting to give it a better chance of being successful. For the most part, each submission was unique but there were a couple of elements that I was able to pick up on that I will at least refer to when working out my concept. I obviously want my work to be as strong as possible, but it was also good to look at the finalists so that I could see the calibre of work that my submission would have to be to even be considered.


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