FMP 1: 4creative

Through my research, I became aware of 4creative, Channel 4’s in-house creative agency. 4creative are responsible for a number of advertising campaigns, the branding and a lot of the general look of Channel 4 across all of its media facets. Whilst it didn’t all pertain to my project (or the direction that I envisage taking it), it was definitely inspiring to see their work. The innovative ideas they have and the risks they take, I took particular interest in their work on E4 as that is the brand identity that I hope my project will become a part of.

I find this level of research interesting as, whilst I feel it is good to know the company that I am submitting work to, the competition wouldn’t exist if they didn’t want an outside perspective. With such a successful agency already at hand, why would they turn to the public of not for something new? In the same way, I don’t want to replicate something that the 4creative team would come up with but I also don’t want to ignore their work or my research would be pointless. I believe it all comes down to understanding the company so that I submit something appropriate.

Even superficially, it’s easy to notice a few consistencies in the work that 4creative has done for E4 and they are the colour purple and a dry sense of humour. I don’t feel like I will be “cheating” or “copying” 4creative, or the multitude of E Stings submissions that also feature those elements, by including those. I feel like that is an understanding of the brand identity and whether I choose to include them or not, it will come out of an understanding that that is E4’s aesthetic.


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