Final Major Project 1 Brief: E Stings Competition

Even though it’s a dead brief, I wanted to try my hand at the E Stings Competition for one of my projects as it’s an annual contest and, even if my end result isn’t suitable for next year’s submission, it will at least be practice for my future attempts.

The Brief:

Your Entry must be exactly 10 seconds long. If your E Sting is under or exceeds this limit your entry will not be considered by the judging panel.

Your Entry must include the E4 logo which can be downloaded from the entry page on Failure to include the E4 logo will result in your Entry not being considered by the judging panel. Permission to the use the E4 logo is limited to your Entry only and you must not use the E4 logo for any other purpose and is subject to your compliance with the section entitled “Permission to Use the E4 Logo” set out below.

If you decide to use music on your Entry, you must use one of the supplied audio beds which can be downloaded from the entry page on Failure to use one of the supplied audio beds will result in your Entry being disqualified.

Your Entry must be of broadcast quality and must not contain anything that is obscene, indecent, defamatory, un-lawful, offensive or that infringes the copyright, intellectual property rights, moral rights or any other right of a third party. Your Entry must also be suitable for daytime broadcast. Please ensure that you do not place yourself or others in danger while creating your Entry. Your Entry must be entirely your own work and must not contain any music other than the audio beds referred to in paragraph 9 above or any other third party material and must be fully cleared for us (and others authorised by us) to use in accordance with these E Sting Rules (including the licence you grant us as set out below). Channel 4 reserves the right to edit your Entry. You acknowledge and agree that you produce your Entry at your own cost and risk. You must also have the consent of anyone featured in your sting.

You must not: (i) use the YouTube AudioSwap functionality to include music within your Entry; or (ii) use any other functionality or content available through YouTube to edit or amend your Entry after submission to us. Please also refrain from enabling the advertising functionality on YouTube in relation to your Entry as while this will not automatically disqualify your Entry it will mean that it will not feature on the E Stings website.

Please also bear in mind our View House Rules (opens in a new window) when creating your Entry. Failure to do so may result in your Entry being disqualified. These House Rules contain important information on staying safe online and details of content that we deem unacceptable. Please ensure that you have read, understand and accept these prior to creating your Entry.

In order to ensure that all Entries can be judged fairly all Entries must be in the English language.


The brief itself is very open; with only a couple of parameters, the only real limitation is the creator’s imagination. This also means that there is very little to inspire a starting point, I will have to delve deep to find research that will help me develop a strong concept. Whilst the openness is a little daunting, with virtually limitless directions that I can take, I am excited to start this project and there are a few areas that I know I can start my research. Finding out my target demographic, for example, and watching the already popular E Stings from previous years. Listening to the supplied sound beds is another area that I can mine for inspiration.


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