Now that this project is more of an exercise in pitching  a music video, I decided to write a treatment. A treatment is basically a step-by-step run-through of the product, be it film, music video, advert, etc. It’s longer than a summary as it includes references to different shots and is not just an overview of the narrative but also of the style, making reference to aesthetically similar media.

I’ve never written a treatment before so I had to do a little research into it:


As with quite a few of these creative pre-production processes, there’s no set formula. This meant that I was able to follow my initiative and create a document that I would find most useful. I did, however, reference the guidelines so that if I did need to present a treatment in a professional way, it would be an effective advertisement of my work.

As seen here, the range for treatment presentation is vast, from imagery overload to a simple text document, it’s interesting that both of these examples are from professionals in their field.





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