Character Design

I already had a pretty realised version of what I pictured the miner creatures to look like, I described them as pig/mole people and even within my initial sketches I had a visual in mind.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 00.01.44 copy


To develop the sketch, however, I took some inspiration from nature. I obviously looked at pigs and moles as that was where my initial inspiration came from but I didn’t want the creatures to become too… “cute”. To counteract this, I thought about what a creature might look like shut off from sunlight for its whole life. I pictured pale skin and milky eyes, the most extreme version of this that I could think of, were the deep-sea, almost alien creatures that survive in complete darkness.

I began to incorporate elements of those creatures and I think it added an extra dimension to the creatures, adding an uneasiness to them that I believe fits the “dark” tone of the music video.





Deep sea Angler fish



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