Once I decided to base the ancient, evil creature on the idea of chaos, I did a little research into its symbolism, similar to how I looked at ego. Fortunately, this time I was able to find something usable:



The symbol represents infinite possibilities as I found out: ( and I find it quite visually appealing. It’s pretty static in its graphic form but I feel I can manipulate it and transform the actual symbol into my monster, rather than just incorporating the symbol into the design.


Initial ideas are leaning towards the idea of the arrows being tentacles, possibly falling inline with lovecraftian horror– this works on an obvious visual similarity to creature like the cthulu but also plays into the  themes of the occult and unknowable as I want my ancient evil to be mysterious.







1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble: The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters.
3. often Chaos The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to haveexisted before the ordered universe.
4. Chaos theory.
5. Mathematics A dynamical system that has a sensitive dependence on its initial conditions.
6. Obsolete An abyss; a chasm.
I find it interesting that chaos is a former word for chasm considering the setting of my music video but obviously themes of disorder and confusion will become very present once the creature makes its appearance.

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