I followed up my initial E-mail to John with a questionnaire that I hoped would give me an indication of some of the things I would need to consider before starting to generate ideas for my music video. It was very helpful; emphasising that I was free to interpret the song as I wished whilst also offering me some jumping off points for inspiration.


1. Should the visuals pertain to the lyrics of the song?

Lyrics. Not necessarily. Although they may be a good starting point. The song is essentially about ego. Our singer, Andy, wrote it about his struggle with his own ego.

2. Are there any particular themes or motifs that you would like to appear in the music video?

Again, not necessarily. But we do have recurring imagery of roots. Certainly it should be dark, introspective and maybe even a little odd. Stop motion such as tool’s videos and meshuggah’s “I am colossus”, are great tonally.

3. Are there any technical specifications that I will have to adhere to?

Yes. It should be 16:9 ratio. If possible 1080p or 720p if you can’t do that. Possibly 24fps, but if you want to cut the time down a bit, feel free to try 12fps.

The final file should be provided as h.264 in as high quality as possible. It may also be worth having a version in Apple pro.res for possible broadcast on tv.

4. How involved would you like to be in the concept and development of the video?

The concept is yours, run with it and do what you will. I’d like to give my opinion every now and again, but usually it might just be if I think I can help or offer another perspective.


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