I decided to research ego in the hopes of finding some symbolism that I could incorporate into the music video:


(ˈiːɡəʊ; ˈɛɡəʊ)


1. the self of an individual person; the conscious subject
2. (Psychoanalysis)psychoanalthe conscious mind, based on perception of the environment from birth onwards:responsible for modifying the antisocial instincts of the id and itself modified by the conscience (superego)
3. one’s image of oneself; morale: to boost one’s ego.
4. egotism; conceit
Unfortunately, there was very little in the way of iconography to represent ego, all I was able to find was the symbol of a circle from Jungian psychology. Whilst the psychology was interesting, I don’t feel that there is a strong connection between the motif and the vision I have for the music video. It may be something I incorporate but I won’t consider it a priority.

Trigger the Landslide

These are the lyrics for the song and my interpretation of them:

Cue defeat
And foreswear pride
All our instincts are cast aside
From the peaks
To way down low
Bleed an ego like mine
I’ve been there once or twice
And triggered the landslide
Leave all that we find
I repeat
And dignify
All that deems a reply
I’ve lived it once or twice
And triggered the landslide
Leave all that we find
No matter, no mind
Bleed it dry
Your beating heart and my bleeding hands
Remain all entwined
Your beating heart and my bleeding hands
Remain all entwined
Your beating heart and my bleeding hands
Remain all entwined
Your beating heart and my bleeding hands
Remain all entwined
Knowing the song is about ego, my interpretation of the lyrics is how giving into fears and admitting defeat can cause a “landslide” effect that sends one into a spiral of depression and complete loss of confidence. I believe that this interpretation thematically works with my video concept; the miners are the self-conscious thoughts, chipping away confidence until they unleash evil- the embodiment of self-destrucive thought.

Reference Videos

On John’s recommendation, I sought out some music videos that are representative of the tone that the band is looking for in their own videos. Namely, ‘I Am Colossus’ by Meshuggah and the stop-motion videos of the band, Tool.


I didn’t want to be influenced by the subject matter that these videos portray because I want to listen to Khaidain’s library of songs with an open mind to create original visuals. The videos have given me some inspiration, however, with some of the thematic elements, a muted colour palette, for example, and themes of isolation.


I followed up my initial E-mail to John with a questionnaire that I hoped would give me an indication of some of the things I would need to consider before starting to generate ideas for my music video. It was very helpful; emphasising that I was free to interpret the song as I wished whilst also offering me some jumping off points for inspiration.


1. Should the visuals pertain to the lyrics of the song?

Lyrics. Not necessarily. Although they may be a good starting point. The song is essentially about ego. Our singer, Andy, wrote it about his struggle with his own ego.

2. Are there any particular themes or motifs that you would like to appear in the music video?

Again, not necessarily. But we do have recurring imagery of roots. Certainly it should be dark, introspective and maybe even a little odd. Stop motion such as tool’s videos and meshuggah’s “I am colossus”, are great tonally.

3. Are there any technical specifications that I will have to adhere to?

Yes. It should be 16:9 ratio. If possible 1080p or 720p if you can’t do that. Possibly 24fps, but if you want to cut the time down a bit, feel free to try 12fps.

The final file should be provided as h.264 in as high quality as possible. It may also be worth having a version in Apple pro.res for possible broadcast on tv.

4. How involved would you like to be in the concept and development of the video?

The concept is yours, run with it and do what you will. I’d like to give my opinion every now and again, but usually it might just be if I think I can help or offer another perspective.

The Brief

For my self-initiated project, I will be making a music video for the band Khaidian. The actual brief is pretty open; I was given a selection of songs to choose from and am able to interpret that song as I wish.

The end result will be a stop-motion animated video but I’ll need to listen to the songs to see which one I want to create the video for. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m excited about the collaboration.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 12.46.41